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Does the clamping method give a possibility of reversal?

Performing ETS with the clamping method started in the late 1990s with the idea that it might give some sort of reversal possibility if a patient gets a level of compensatory sweating which is too much to tolerate. At the beginning the idea was met with some skepticism by many surgeons but over the years it was accepted as the method of choice by those surgeons who are performing these operations in higher numbers. Personal experiences from some surgeons showed that indeed clamp removal after a short or longer time can provide some reversibility or amelioration of the symptoms. It is a process that is not fully understood as to why it happens but this conclusion is drawn by experience. The real facts are not known and could relate to natural process within the body or the removal of the clips allowed some restoration of regular / normal pathways. It is beyond the scope to go into theoretical explanation because even for clinicians the explanation is not so simple and very few are fully aware of the complex issue of hyperhidrosis.