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How much does hyperhidrosis surgery cost?

When it comes to hyperhidrosis surgery cost the major contributing factors are:

  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Type of Insurance
  • Previous Treatments
  • No Insurance

Clinical Evaluation:
Before any steps are taken it is extremely important for the patient to discuss their condition with the future operating surgeon. No one other than the surgeon is qualified to understand your eligibility for the surgery and what the next steps should be. It is known that in some outlets the evaluation is carried out by non medical staff which is not ideal to provide the best answers. In that discussion questions will be asked by the surgeon about age, health condition, height and weight, previous treatments used and other relevant details. Only after this clinical evaluation is done in person or over the phone should the actual surgery be discussed including cost. If a patient is located close to the office then a face to face interview is recommended with the operating surgeon but if it is not possible due to distance a telephone or internet video consultation is a must.

Type of Insurance:
In the US today insurance issues are constantly evolving. Unlike Europe or other countries that have socialized medicine (single payer system) where patients can get the operation without any financial considerations, in the US things are very different. We have different types of coverage (indemnity, HMOs, PPOs, Cash). In order to answer the question about the cost the surgeon’s office will need all the information that the patient can provide in order to start the process of verification and ultimately the level of coverage. Unfortunately it is a long process but a necessary one. Recently even initial denial by the insurance companies have been later approved due to diligent work done by a surgeon’s office.

Previous Treatments:
Any previous treatments that the patient has tried are important when discussing the individual cases with the insurance company. If a patient is considering trying a conservative treatment, or if surgery was done already, attempts should be made to preserve all receipts and proof of treatment which discussion with the insurance companies easier. With regard to patients who had previous ETS and did not get any relief for their excessive sweating it is important to provide information about it to the surgeon who is going to perform the ELS procedure.

No Insurance:
For those without insurance who want to pay for the operation with their own money should call the surgeon’s office and discuss it with the staff.

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