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What if I have severe total body sweating combined with excessive hand and feet sweating?

A question which is not commonly asked is:

“What to do in cases where the patient has excessive total body sweating as well as hand and feet sweating?”

In order to answer this question the doctor must know whether the excessive body sweating is the one where the sweat soaks through the clothing or just moisture? We believe that if the excessive total body sweating is so severe then doing ETS procedure will make the total body sweating worse. In evaluating this situation a very thorough discussion must be carried out between the surgeon and the patient.

We know that ETS will cause some level of compensatory sweating, which in most cases that did not have total body sweating before will be mild to moderate in the majority of the cases. In 3-5% of the cases that underwent ETS the compensatory sweating might be at a higher level. There is no definite knowledge as to why the degree of compensatory sweating varies from one patient to another. We believe that other factors, rather than just the sympathectomy, can contribute to a higher level of compensatory sweating. Anxiety, high temperature and obesity can all contribute as to know the level of compensatory sweating.